Calculate colony price

Welcome to our colony price calculator.

We aim for fairness in the prices for our colonies. For this we use an algorithm that calculates the price based on the number of queens, workers and factors like our costs, required level of care, losses and rarity.

Please keep in mind we almost never sell queens without workers as our company policy is to guarantee reliable colony quality. This calculator also is not built with colonies much larger than our typically available sizes in mind. These would be valued on a case-by-case basis.

Any price calculated here is just our price. This includes taxes, our level of quality and included housing.
It not meant as a useful market guideline.

This list of species does not accurately represent the species currently in our inventory.
For queenless species like Diacamma, put in '0' and select 'gamergate'.
Accurate count if possible or else averaging high and low estimations.
Only use this for parasitic species.