Webstore Roadmap

Dear visitors,
We thank you all for visiting us. Customers will quickly notice that our webshop is currently a bit 'basic'. Our goal with AntHeap is far beyond merely an online store selling ants and materials. But in order to accomodate those planned site features, we have have no use for existing eCommerce webkits. Everything has to be build from scratch by ourselves and we have to make sure all the foundations are in place for the things to come.

This takes a lot of time out of our already very busy schedule, and some this is new to us as well. However, we do have plenty of colonies looking for a new owners, and customers anxious to buy our products, so we decided to ditch the cumbersome pricelist and open up the Webstore section early, functional but not yet finished.

We apologize for the inconvience and any bugs you run into.

Hopefully you can find the patience to stick with us along our path to building an exceptional AntHeap website allowing us to then support you and the antkeeping hobby as a whole.

We thank everyone that have supported us so far,

- The Antheap team.

Here are some planned upgrades (in no particular order) for the next fases of the webstore section:
  • A news category with information about new products and incoming ant species
  • Products get their own pages with detailed useful information and manuals
  • Colonies get their own pages with pictures to show they are as healthy as we advertise
  • Integration of the species information with the Myrmecopedia section
  • Search function for products, tags and ways to order and filter results
  • A 'breadcrumb' bar to more easily navigate between products
  • Javascript/Jquery interface layer for a more responsive user experience
  • Hookup with a payment provider to make the ordering process easier
  • More pictures (which are also going to be of a better quality)
  • More stylized artwork and icons to give the AntHeap website it's own unique look
  • Allowing visitors to finally create user accounts
  • A 'free-goodies' system for when you finalize your order
  • Get email updates like a newsletter or to track the availability of product/species
  • Integration into the FormiCare section where all AntHeap colony's automatically get a slot